Saturday, April 7, 2012


Spring Break was soooo neeeded!

I didn't realize how tired I was until I let myself sleep in without an alarm and slept for over 12 hours. This week I finally let go of the stress I've been carrying and reminded myself of the benefits of sabbath. Sleeping long hours, eating good food, reading fiction, and laughing with amazing friends. AND the dark circles under my eyes have finally gone away!!!

Anna, Leslie, and I went to Murrel's Inlet this past week and stayed at Anna's family house. The house was great! We each had our own queen-sized bed. The screened in porch overlooked the water and had a swing bench and a hammock - perfect for reading and relaxing! The weather was better than we could have imagined for the first of April - sunny with a small breeze. It was a sweet little paradise.

This trip was a good reminder to me of how important these breaks are from our busy schedules. No wonder God took the seventh day of creation to relax and enjoy what was made! No wonder Jesus took off for a bit to the mountains to rest and pray! Sabbath is so important.

My grandmother (the wife of a Presbyterian pastor) told me that she never finished one vacation without having a plan for the next. I'm thinking this is a smart idea that I want to adopt. I know that as a pastor there will appear to be a never-ending need for my presence at the church and that if I let this perceived need take over, the effects will be detrimental to my own health and my marriage. I know most ministers don't use all of their vacation - but I'm determined to do my best to take a break! I'm reminded how a little refreshment makes the world of difference in my energy and imagination for ministry.

That's all for now - I'm going back to enjoying my Sabbath before classes pick back up on Monday :0

Hope you've had a good Sabbath this week, too.

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