Friday, April 27, 2012

A chapter ends. Another begins.

I have only four more days of class and a handful of final assignments standing between me and graduation. It's amazing how quickly three years go by and how much I have learned and grown during my time here at Columbia.

I visited my cousin and her family yesterday in Columbus, GA. Her husband is a pastor at CrossPointe Church and they have two sweet girls Claire (almost 4!) and Julie (18 months). I treasure the time I got to spend with them, particularly the time talking with Beth and Wayne about what ministry has been like for them. Ministry is sweet and sour. In my own anticipation of stepping into the ministry, Beth really encouraged me to keep in close contact with my friends from seminary as they will be the ones that can be sounding boards and listening ears in the future.

My colleagues and friends at Columbia will be the hardest to leave. Tim and I know we're going to have to search long and hard for great neighbors like we have here. It is a bitter sweet season for me as I say goodbye to this place that has been my home for the past three years and supported me through the life transitions of marriage, career preparation, and independence. It's helpful for me to remember that through great technology and intentional time set apart, I can continue to strengthen and appreciate those friendships. I was also reminded through my time with Beth and Wayne, that God has blessed me with a family that serves in Ministry and understands where I am going. I'm grateful for them.
Tim and I are so excited about following where God will lead us next! But, in these last few days, I'm really trying to soak in the good moments and be so grateful for the friends I've had here.


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