Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day!

Earth Day is this Sunday and as a Christian, I think it only appropriate that we give thanks to God for creation on that day!

I want to tell you about my dad -

My dad is an environmentalist. Since I was young I remember him knocking on the bathroom door 1 minute into my shower yelling that I was taking too much time. Too much precious clean water. My dad, Jack, teaches sustainability, appropriate technology, and alternative energy courses at ACC and Appalachian State University. He even taught us kids a few things growing up. We were the middle schoolers that built solar panels and converted bikes and canoes into solar powered motor machines. We won several awards at the Science Fairs and were those kids with the cool toys.

On Earth Day, I am so grateful for my dad and how he has inspired a passion in me to care for God's creation. He has taught me that there are lots of good reasons to recycle and conserve energy, but that the MOST IMPORTANT reason is that creation is a gift from God and thus we are called to care for it. Just like God gave me a loving father and mother, brother and sister, and I am called to love them in return. So too God gave me responsibility over this Earth to receive it's benefits and to give back.

On campus today we are practicing an Energy Sabbath. So, my lights are off and I'm walking or carpooling wherever I go. I encourage you to also do your part! Think of ways that you can be green today and every day. Here are some more of my suggestions:

- turn of your lights in your house/apartment/schoolroom/workplace
- turn off your computer and iphone and all other electronics when you're not using them
- take public transportation or carpool, bike or walk instead of driving your car alone
- pick up trash you find while you're out
- recycle EVERYTHING (seriously, look online to see what you can'll be surprised)
- compost your fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, and egg shells. If you live near CTS - drop your compost off at our community garden
- buy locally and organically

And at some point today, tell God "THANKS" for this beautiful world that we live in.


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  1. What a great role model you have! My dad use to install solar panels so I have a great appreciation for them too. Glad to see you are living out your father's wise advice and being a good steward of our Father's home for us!