Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trusting God

Trusting God is hard work.

Why do we in Christian communities take this trust for granted and not talk about it?

In just over one month I will graduate from this fine institution and uproot my husband to follow God's call. This means leaving my friends, my family, and most likely the geographical area I call "home." There are many risks involved with "following the call" and as I reflect with my peers who are also making this life transition, I wonder where the place is on campus for us to name our fears and our disappointments? To talk and pray together for our futures. To ask question like:

"I know God is with me, but how to I discern if this is God's call for me at this time?"

"Where is God?"

Rev. Kim Clayton preached a powerful sermon yesterday in chapel on Joshua (the end of Deuteronomy and first few verses of Joshua). Moses, the great "sunny" leader, has died and Joshua "the moonlit leader" must lead the Israelites into the promise land. She preached on leaders and how we need both "sunny" leaders and "moonlit" leaders. Sunny leaders are those that pave the way and are looked upon as great. They are superstars if you will. Moses apparently was so "sunny" that the Israelites couldn't even look him in the eye - he head to wear a veil. But, Joshua, practiced shared leadership. He empowered others to lead with him. Apparently, we need both.

The phrase in that text that echoes still today in my ears is God's instruction to Joshua to "be STRONG and COURAGEOUS." Well, that and Kelly Clarkson's song "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.." :)

I need to be strong and courageous as I move forward, trusting that it is in the hardest times of my life when I remember how dependent upon God I am and I am more attuned to the ways in which God is caring for me and guiding me.

I'm excited to be more intimate with God. I'm ready to remember to trust again.

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