Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Farewell to the Adult Playground

Today I say farewell to San Francisco, a place I affectionately refer to as the adult playground.

In this city, I stretched professional muscles and met new friends at the monkey bars.
I ran without abandon and felt free to wear whatever clothes out to play.
I breathed in the air of a place that is safe and colorful and magical.

A few weeks ago a friend asked us what we will miss most about living here and as quickly as the words "pupusa" and "sightglass" formed on our lips, we both realized it is the place, the people, and the challenges disguised as play that will hold our hearts for a while.

We have had fun living in this city.

  • We've filled our tummies with fine dining and street cart tacos.
  • We've run an absurd amount of miles with #RAGNAR and risen early to do burpees with #novemberproject.
  • We've dressed up to hear the best singers at the opera, the undiscovered musicians in the bars, and the journalists speaking their work live at pop-up magazine. 

And we've both had fun in our jobs.
We've collaborated with some of the coolest, most creative people in our fields who are not afraid to try new things nor to fail at them.

We've learned new tricks just by living in a tech-hub. Tricks we get to show and tell for decades to come.

There is a magical energy about this place.  I'll be honest, it took some time for me to get used to the city smells and sounds and parking...but I know now that I will miss it deeply.

So, thank you, San Francisco, the city of adventure, our adult playground.


  1. Thanks for all your play and service in San Fran! Praying for peace as you transition to new adventures!

  2. The west coast will miss you but the east coast is excited to welcome you back! Good luck with the move, Derrick and I hope to see you soon!

  3. Play well in your new home!! Blessings.