Friday, March 21, 2014

Dreaming Big

Most days I have to remind myself that I'm not the boss in charge. Actually, that is God's role. The conference I just joined today (Trent Symposium) focuses on just that. A group of young pastors have come together to learn and practice some of the basics of church business (worship, fellowship, service, stewardship) and we started with a reminder of who we are (children of God) and to what we are called (serving God). The business of the church must all be rooted in our identity in God, lest we be led astray.

God's role is to lead. My role is to pray, to discern, and to dream with God.

Our church community has been dreaming with God recently at our retreat and as I reflect on our gathering I am learning two things:

(1) God's dreams are BIG. They're going to take some time to reach. Small steps and lots of trust will get us there.

(2) God moves powerfully through people present. The energy (of the spirit) is with us always, we just need to show up and commit to doing the worthy work.

The work of discernment is the hardest, I think. Managing, sending emails, showing up, giving of our resources and skills...those are much easier. do this work of discernment together....

During this season of Lent, I invite everyone to join me in praying the psalms. Calvin (theologian) calls the psalms "an anatomy of all parts of the soul." Through the psalms, we learn to pray.... to listen for God's voice. We also gain the courage through the stories of trust of those who have gone before us to take great leaps of faith in following God's will and dream for our lives - both individually and as a community of faith.

Join with me, google the psalms now, Psalm 66 for today and begin praying with me (with us!) for God's dream for you and for MBCC to come.

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